Mary’s Yelp Review of My Kitchen!

Mary has kindly written a review of her evening in my kitchen.  Yay, my first review!  Read it here:

IMG_1414“With school soon to be behind me, I decided I would start cooking a meal once a week.  Now, for a girl who barely cooks two meals a year (unless you count those gourmet microwave dinners), this was going to be no easy feat.  Luck would have it though that one of my nearest and dearest MBA partners in crime, Laura, had started a cooking blog!  Not only was it healthy and delicious looking food, but this girl is just as busy as I am, so doable.  Shortly after this decision, during a “post-MBA plans” discussion, I mentioned my upcoming culinary journey as well as my desire to practice my underdeveloped photog skills… Wait a second – cue light bulb – why not spend a night with Chef Cepeda herself and do both?  And so, my MBA afterlife was jumpstarted with a swift kick in the buds (of the taste variety) from some Japanese curry.

Let me give you just a little background before we get to the good, and I mean tasty-delicious-mouth-watering good, stuff.  Going into this, Laura posed the question, and I quote, “Hmmm what’s your fav thing ever?”  Now, I don’t know about you folks, but along with my “fav things ever” come some serious standards, but no, that didn’t scare this girl off.  After tossing around a few ideas, you could almost hear her inner Iron Chef exclaim “challenge accepted!” as she chose the recipe that she had never made before… Japanese curry.

Which brings us to last night.  Veggies were chopped, seasonings were sprinkled, and rouxs were rouxed.  You heard me.  My desire to take acceptable pictures slightly outweighed my desire to take acceptable cooking notes, so please see Laura’s post for additional details.  After way too much fun was had during the food photo shoot, we finally sat down to take a bite. Now, let us remember earlier when I mentioned that this is one of my favorite foods, so, you know, standards… Perfection!  I do not use that word lightly, but I, without a doubt, was eating the best Japanese curry I have ever had!  I know what you’re thinking, “clearly she’s never had *insert Japanese curry restaurant here*.” Well guess what, clearly you’ve never had Laura Cepeda’s homemade curry.  It was just spicy enough, full of flavor, and more than you could ever ask for from a plate of curry.  As soon as I am able to work up some culinary courage, this will be the first meal I try!”

~Mary Colleran (Yelp’s Mary C.)



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